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We are extending our Launch Offer!

To celebrate our launch, we are extending our special launch offer to the end of October.    Enter the code 'LAUNCH10' during checkout and receive 10% off all orders for one more month.

Please note that you can apply only one discount code to any order.
Only the best for your pet

534245917.pngAt Petfood Direct we specialise in providing top quality pet food at affordable prices.   

So much of the pet food on the market today contains cereals which do not form part a natural diet for our pets.  Many pets are cereal intolerant and may react badly to certain grains, especially wheat.  As a result our pet foods are all wheat free and our 'Grain Free' range is completely free of all grain products.  Our Grain Free range is also supplied in packaging that is entirely compostable - simply remove the label.

Why not try our dog and cat food and see how it improves the health of your pet. 

Home delivery is free to most mainland UK addresses.

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