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At Petfood Direct we know that you are as passionate as we are about feeding your pets only the very best food from the finest ingredients.  So, we are very excited to announce that today we are launching not one but two new ranges that we believe represent the best products on the market.

For our doggy friends we are proud to launch our fantastic new grain free dog food SUPERFOOD 65 – this dog food contains an impressive 65% meat or fish and 5 highly beneficial Superfoods to maximise your dog’s overall health and well-being. We have listened to our customers feedback and so this recipe doesn’t contain any peas or white potato as we have seen a huge demand in this area.

Connoisseur Cat
For all our amazing kitty cats we are incredibly excited to announce our new Connoisseur Cat recipes. Do you have a cat who is extra fussy? Connoisseur Cat offers recipes that will appeal to even the most fussy feline. Made with an incredible 70% meat or fish content a minimum of 30% of which is freshly prepared, we think Connoisseur Cat is the best Cat food around! Our recipes have been formulated to provide all the nutrients for everyday health and wellbeing of your cats as well as adding functional ingredients like cellulose to help support the reduction of hairballs. As we all know cats are notoriously particular when it comes to mealtimes but a series of feeding trials gave us confidence that our recipes will be loved by your cat.

Over the next few days, we will be featuring each of the new Superfood 65 and Connoisseur Cat recipes on our ‘Petfood Blog’ (). We can’t wait to share with you all the amazing benefits our new ranges will offer your pets and we hope they love our new recipes as much as we do!

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Only the best for your pet

534245917.pngBased in Verwood in Dorset, Petfood Direct is a family run business passionate about making your pets happy and healthy.  

We specialise in listening to the needs of your pet and fully understanding their likes, dislikes, health and well-being.  This then allows us to recommend the very best pet food for them. For more information on this service please email                  customercare@petfood-direct.co.uk


Our outstanding recipes are cooked in a unique way to maximise on taste and flavour, making sure your pet loves every mouthful, whilst optimising the nutritional content of the ingedients to enhance your pets overall health and well-being.  This method of cooking also makes sure that the food is easily digestible for your pet.

Our fresh ingredients are sourced from around the UK including Scottish Salmon, Free Range Chicken and Angus Beef as well as a variety of other fresh meats, fish, vegetables and herbs.  All our recipes are designed by animal nutritionalists and are veterinary and PFMA approved.   Our recipes don't include artificial colours and preservatives and are naturally preserved using rosemary extract which means they are also hypoallergenic. 


So much of the pet food on the market today contains cereals which do not form part a natural diet for our pets.  Many pets are cereal intolerant and may react badly to certain grains, especially wheat.  As a result our pet foods are all wheat free and our 'Grain Free' range is completely free of all grain products.  


We are passionate about the environment  and are proud to announce that our Grain Free dog food range is supplied in packaging that is entirely compostable - simply remove the label.  


Why not try our dog and cat food and see how it improves the health of your pet. 

Home delivery is free to most mainland UK addresses.

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